Overnight at the C&O

I slept Saturday night at the C&O canal Pennyfield lockhouse.  Remember how hot that day was at 90 degrees.  Imagine my surprise to find that the thick stone walls of this 150+ year old home kept it perfectly cool inside.  We enjoyed the sound of rushing water, cooked outside in a firepit, and saw several great blue heron.  We walked by moonlight along the canal at night accompanied by a chorus of frogs, including the occasional bass call of bull frogs.  The sky was clear enough we could see the Big Dipper and other stars, a passing satellite, and a distinct shooting star.  The one negative, outhouses, was balanced by the chance to walk outside and watch the stars and twinkling fireflies.

What a great outing for a family -- experience something of life from the past.  Bring along bikes or kayaks and explore the water and trails of the C&O Canal.   For information on renting a lockhouse for a night call 301-745-8888 or visit www.CanalQuarters.org.