A Prayer for the Earth: Green Muslims and Dayspring

I represented Earth Stewardship East at an interfaith prayer service held June 12 at Dayspring, an ecumenical retreat center, and co-sponsored by Green Muslims.  We met at the old farmhouse and walked through a meadow in contemplative silence to a hill overlooking the lake as the sun began to set.  There was a wonderful breeze, sounds of meadowlarks and other birds as we stood together in a circle and listened to Emmalee Aman read from Jewish, Christian and Islamic texts in praise of Creation.  She asked us to focus on one aspect of Creation that has touched our soul and those who wanted shared.  Then we listened as Emmalee read a poetic prayer for the earth and we joined our voices to hers in a repeated refrain.  A joyfully sacred experience.  We returned at our leisure through the meadow in silence.