Free Native Trees

Merikay will have another 300 native trees to give away -- up to 10 trees per household with a preference for residents in the Muddy Branch or Seneca Creek watersheds.  Trees will be available Wednesday, April 3 at 3:30 pm — 7 pm on a first-come basis.  

Since trees are bare root, they must be planted soon after being picked up -- ideally that day. I generally receive 50 each of seven different tree species from the Maryland DNR.  These are the trees requested for this spring: 50 buttonbush, 50 baldcypress, 50 river birch, 50 loblolly pine, 50 gray dogwood (not available), 50 serviceberry, 50 white oak.

This year Bonnie Bell will distribute 100 of the tree seedlings from Seneca State Park (office) for those who live closer to that than to Merikay's home at 14909 Spring Meadows Drive, Darnestown. Bonnie will be distributing trees from about 2:30 to 5:30 pm on Wednesday. We give all the trees away in one or two days to optimize their being successfully transplanted. Remaining trees will be given away on Thursday from 6 to 7 pm at Merikay’s home.

If you do not live near Merikay, there are programs in other counties and states to promote planting native trees. Check for programs in your area. If there isn’t one, consider starting something.

Photo is of a redbud tree from the 2018 DNR trees, planted at the DC Stake Center.