April - Earth Month

What will you do this month for the earth? Please plant some native trees, shrubs or perennials. Or take a hike with family or friends and collect any trash you see on the way. Or plant a vegetable garden (and you’ll likely have enough this summer to share with others).

There are community events planned throughout the month — and if you happen to live where there are none, plan something small on your own to gather with others for earth stewardship.

As followup to my last post — all native 350 trees have been distributed and are either in the ground or in pots by the end of today. If you live in Maryland there are other options to obtain free trees. If you missed getting trees, or want more, here's info on other programs offered by the Maryland State Department of Natural Resources, Forestry. Their nursery does sell to private landowners. Individual species are sold in groups of 25, 50, or 100 depending on the species ordered.http://dnr.maryland.gov/forests/Pages/nursery.aspx

If you have streams, ponds, or drainage areas you would like to plant a few seedlings around, you would qualify for the Backyard Buffer program. 25 seedlings consisting of 5 different species in a bag. You provide DNR the address where the trees will be planted, an email address, a phone number, and be willing to come to my office to pick them up. There's a handful of these bags left this year, but other counties may have extras. Here is the website:http://dnr.maryland.gov/…/prog…/Backyard-Buffer-Program.aspx

If you want one 2" caliper balled and burlapped tree planted on your property, the Montgomery County Dept of Environmental Protection has a program called Tree Montgomery that will plant these trees and maintain them for a year or two. https://treemontgomery.org/