Snow in the Mid-Atlantic

I love the snow! Must be my Utah roots but winter doesn’t seem right without a covering of white. Our church services were cancelled today (along with most other scheduled events in our area). Another reason to love snow is the way it gives us “free” time. One down side of snow is the impact on traffic and the impact of salt, put down to improve road conditions.

If you have concerns about your local road crews using excess amounts of road salt, you can test local streams for excess salt runoff using a free kit available from the Izaak Walton League. In past years I've seen road crews dump piles of extra road salt on a dead end road off of our street which then is washed by rains into our local stream. I can do something about what I see by checking local water quality and reporting to the County if I test the water and see spikes of salt in the water or piles of salt on unused roads. I ordered my free salt testing kit last week — not here in time for this snow event but perhaps will be as the snow melts and rains wash the salt into our waterways.

salt watch.jpg