The Nature Fix

Listen to author Florence Williams as she discusses her book, The Nature Fix, for LDS Earth Stewarship.  Her presentation will be broadcast live on Thursday, December 7 at 8 pm Maryland time.  

Here is the link for a live video feed.

This link can hold up to 125 people. It will be a wide shot to cover any distance for Ms. Williams’ pacing around, and the sound should be excellent quality (she will have a roaming mic).  The Utah LDS ES group has set up this video so that we can participate.  

We suffer from an “epidemic dislocation from the outdoors,” Williams says, and it’s destructive to our mental and physical health. The therapy is straightforward. “The more nature, the better you feel.”If you're an earth steward you likely know from experience that being in nature is therapeutic.  Scientists are beginning to understand how and why this is so.  

Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix

Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix